ArcMail Email Archiving Solution

Email is ubiquitous. No matter where you look, people are reading their email; whether at an Internet kiosk at an airport, on a laptop in an Internet café or on their smart phones in the middle of church. As a result of the growing reliance upon email, people have started to use email applications as the 21st century filing cabinet where they document their activities, store files and important communications and conduct business. At the same time, users are being overwhelmed with the amount of email they receive each day, making it difficult to effectively extract data stored in email messages. In addition, if email stops working, business for many people and their organizations comes to a halt as IT teams scramble to address the problem.

To meet this challenge, ArcMail has developed an affordable, standalone email archiving solution that includes everything you need to automatically capture, index, store, and quickly find and recover incoming, outgoing, internal email and attachments.

The Defender appliance comes complete with onboard, fault-tolerant storage ranging from 500GB to 16TB with data compression and RAID capability for secure and efficient disk utilization.  All necessary software — data compression, disk management and Linux OS — is pre-installed. There’s no additional hardware or software to add, integrate or maintain, and no painful software licensing or offsite storage fees.

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