Data Retention Solution Demos

Interested in learning more about the quality solutions available from Vigil Networks? Then check out the Data Retention Solution Demos below. Click on the description of the demo you would like to view to get started.

Network Security Appliance (Expanded)

High-speed Reassembly-free Deep Packet Inspection™ (RFDPI). Cost-effective, object-oriented integrated suite not limited by file size or concurrent traffic volumes. Ultra-high-speed multi-core architecture delivers industry-leading price/performance.

SonicWall Secure Remote Access for SMBs

The SRA Series uses a Web browser to enable secure access to email, files, intranets, Web and network applications plus remote desktops-from virtually any location.

ArcMail Email Archiving & Retention

Defender improves user experience, reduces the load on IT resources and secures information contained in emails, all in an easy-to-use and cost effective appliance.

Global Management System

GMS centrally manages and rapidly deploys SonicWALL firewall, anti-spam, backup & recovery, and SSL/VPN solutions.

Cymphonix Network Composer

Cymphonix Network Composer EX series provides awareness of users, applications, and Web content in a unified appliance that allows you to make performance and security decisions about converged Internet traffic with intelligence.

Continuous Data Protection

CDP backup and disaster recovery preserves and protects data against loss from file, device, and location based disasters

Refreshing your network infrastructure

SonicWALL offers a simple and expanded upgrade path from current SonicWALL products

Aventail® Secure Remote Access

The SRA Series provides complete application access, full security, granular endpoint control & unified policy management. Employees & extranet users get secure, clientless access from virtually any device, anywhere, with the unmatched security of SSL VPN

WAN Acceleration Appliance (WXA) Series

Significantly enhance WAN application performance and improve end user experience. Deployed with a SonicWALL E-Class NSA or TZ UTM and Application Intelligence and Control Service, it prioritizes application traffic and minimizes it between sites

Network Security Appliance (Condensed)

Network security firewall with high-speed Reassembly -free Deep Packet Inspection™. Object-oriented suite not limited by file size nor concurrent traffic volumes. Ultra-high-speed multi-core architecture delivers industry-leading price/performance.

Enforced Client Antivirus and Spyware

Developed in partnership with McAfee, it provides automated signature updates. Ensures that all of the computers accessing the network have the latest version of anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed, updated and active.

Secure Wireless

Award-winning 802.11n and NSA for unparalleled security and performance with simple set-up and management. Integrate AP’s with NG-Firewall security and AIC. Scrutinize wireless traffic with the same intensity as wired networks

Malware Detection

Automatically deliver updated security definitions immediately to endpoints as they become available, protecting against today’s rapidly-evolving threats. Enforced Client guarantees endpoints have the latest versions of software installed and active.

Email Security

Elegantly simple to deploy, manage and use, award-winning SonicWALL Email Security solutions employ a variety of proven and patented technology designed to block spam and other threats effectively, easily and economically.

Next Generation Firewalls

Visualize applications running across a network and allocate bandwidth for what’s essential and limit or blocking what’s not. Superior gateway protection, inspection for SSL encrypted sessions, and granular application intelligence and control.

Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service

Add CASS to a SonicWALL firewall and remove junk email at the gateway and ensure the delivery of only good email to your email server. With one-click activation, protect up to 250 users from spam before it enters the network.